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Chang ‘ an own-brand cars to be sold in Russia next year

Earliest at the first quarter of next year, ChangAn own-brand cars manufactured by Chongqing will be sold in Russia. Recently, HID XENON KITS ChangAn Automobile announced that it had entered into an agreement with Russia’s top five car dealers Yi Lituo and planed to sell 12,000 cars for the coming year in Russia. This is Chang’s first entry of the European market. According to the plan, if all goes well, XENON BULBS ChangAn-Yi Lituo will set up joint venture in Russia to produce ChangAn Automobile.

Under the agreement, starting from the first quarter of next year, ChangAn self-developed cars will enter the Russia market. HID HEADLIGHTS An Xianlin says Yi Lituo is an old friend of Chinese automakers, in Russia’s major cities has a distribution channel, and also was the agent of Great Wall and other domestic brands before . Yi Lituo may well be satisfied with Changan cars in terms that its price, quality and appearance are competitive, that’s why both sides choose to cooperate.

Business newspaper reporter learned, HID XENON KITS both also planned to build assembly plants in Russia, assembled the AR spare parts and imported them into Russia, so as tot achieve localization of production through a joint venture plan, which will increase investment of Changan products in Russia.

“We have now entered the period of occupation of strategic expansion in the international market. “Changan Auto Vice-President Zhu huarong said, “XENON BULBS according to plan, Changan sales in 2020 will reach 400,000 units in overseas markets, to build three major manufacturing bases in Brazil, and Russia, and Iran to , and now Russia’s manufacturing base has been the early mishap.”

Business newspaper reporter learned that, to enter the Russia market is an important step for ChangAn to promote brands. In addition to move into new overseas markets, HID HEADLIGHTS ChangAn also actively inputs investment in research and development.

Jiang Aiqun said that through the development and marketing investment, ChangAn Automobile independent car plate was expected to break even this year.

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