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Four Ministries popularizing New Energy Auto Eve: Nissan Major Forays China by Kai Chen

Dongfeng Nissan has signed a big contact with Dalian government on September 13. It concerns with 1000 Kai Chen e30 electronic cars.

“Both of interior and configuration of Kai Chen e30 are aiming private consumers and public market in the future.HID XENON KITS But e30 must get close to public purchase at moment.” Hongbin Yan, vice director of Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen business unit said.

Kai Chen has found for 3 years only, which is not able to develop a mass production pure electronic car obviously. According to Kai Chen disclosures, e30 is Lingfeng series actually. XENON BULBS Researcher of Dongfeng Nissan has not changed much after introducing Lingfeng.

“Nissan electronic cars will be introduced to Kai Chen in the future. And it will become joint venture China owned brand later.” Inner staff of Nissan said. However, it is even difficult for Nissan to hand over its obsolete model to joint venture China owned. Why Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, HID HEADLIGHTS decides to hand over its key technology to joint venture China owned this time?

“Ghosn has considered a while for sure. But his electronic car plan can’t afford to loss Chinese market. But Chinese new energy policy forces Nissan to take joint venture.” Inner staff of Nissan said.

When Kai Chen found, it did not think it would have electronic car, the trump of Ghosn. Ghosn has tried to introduce Lingfeng into Chinese market. But it has not popularized widely except limited in Guangzhou, HID XENON KITS Wuhan and Dalian.

According to national new energy subsidy policy, foreigner brands or joint venture brands new energy cars cannot have subsidy. Therefore, even Lingfeng made in China, and included in MIIT car directory, it still unable to compete against pure electronic cars which have subsidy.

Electronic car business of Kai Chen totally depends on Chinese national subsidy. But whether Kai Chen is able to take the opportunity is all depend on its ability. XENON BULBS And it is not free lunch for Kai Chen introducing Lingfeng. Ghosn asks for 1 million sales in 2017, but Kai Chen sales is only 100 thousand now.

Ghosn forecasts that it is able to join “Ten Million Club” in 2016, and will not distance from Toyota, GM and Volkswagen too far. But it is not ultimate goal for Ghosn. It is very hard for traditional auto manufacturer exceeding top 3. But electronic auto is the highland for Ghosn.

In Chinese market, it has mass production electronic car SAIC Rover E50, Changan E30, Beijing Auto E150EV and BYD E6 which are totally made in China. HID HEADLIGHTS Shanghai Volkswagen and Pan Asia Technical Center designed Springo pure electronic car is joint venture, which cannot share government subsidy.

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