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Initialing Joint Venture Owned Brand, Changan Capacity Expand with Ford

The first plant of Changan- Ford which is located in No. 1 West Changfu Rd. new North Area of Chongqing City, may produce the first Changan- Ford owned mode after 2 years, XENON HID KITS which is coded I06. It is probably a pioneer project for Changan- Ford capacity increase to invest joint venture owned modes.According to national policy, the premier of joint venture capacity increase is based on joint venture owned brand development or new energy car project development.

According to the recent environmental impact assessment online– <1st Publish of Environment Impact Assessment of Changan- Ford Co Ltd I06 Joint Venture Owned Passenger Car Product Line Improvement>, Changan- Ford invests 1 billion CNY into joint venture owned brand development, which majority for I06 passenger car. Designed capacity is 70 thousand per year, and shall put into operation in Sept year 2016.

In fact, relativeinformation is confirmed by seniormanagement on public. XENON BULBS At present, president Marin Burela of Changan- Ford, tells outsider about the new plant build that plant of Changan- Ford is flexible, which is able to meet requirement of sales. But it does not impossible for Changan owned product produce in new plant or introduces new joint venture owned modes. Marin Burela’s speech is confirmed by result of Environment Impact Assessment.

In May, it is said that Changan- Ford will set plant in Beijing and merge Harbin Aviation. The background concerned with all messages is capacity of Changan- Ford limited. Changan- Ford says “no comment.”Changan- Ford tries to solve the problem by speeding up Chongqing and Hangzhou plants builds to meet requirement of 1.2 million cars sales of year 2015’s goal. Of course, it is possible for Changan- Ford to merge Harbin Aviation from long term perspective.

Year 2015 is the last year for Ford “1515” plan implement. As a black horse of automobile industry, capacity of Changan- Ford mounts to 1.2 million cars. At present, XENON HEADLIGHTS plant 1 and plant 2 in Chongqing of Changan- Ford own 650 thousands cars capacity per year, which is close to 680 thousands sales goal.

Sales of Changan- Ford have realized 680 thousand sales, which hit the record high of joint venture history. It has increased 62.2% over marker performance of year 2012.

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