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Mazda Three Generation Under one Market for Sales, FAW- Mazda wants to save its Brand by Comprehensive Cooperation

On March 9, 3rd generation ATENZA of FAW- Mazda rolled off line. The company announces price among 189.8 thousands to 249.8 thousands. ATENZA will launch market officially on 6 May.

“FAW- Mazda highly expects onto ATENZA, and wishes that it takes back Mazda 6 glory.”Relative staff of FAW- Mazda tells reporter that ATENZA is open for national wide orders with price released.

Message from FAW- Mazda says that company makes 5 thousands sales per month goal. Orders at present already exceed expectation, but 189.8 thousand CNY price still surprisemarkets.

ATENZA rolled off means that FAW and Mazda cooperationgoes further. According to message, FAW shall cooperate with Mazda comprehensively, which aims to break out the sales level cooperation at present. XENON BULBS As it known, joint venture framework agreement is decided, but still under approves procedure.

ATENZA market launching brings hope for FAW- Mazda. “After 10 years, Mazda 6 finally finds its successor which is possible to shock the market again.”A dealer of FAW- Mazda says that price of ATENZA does not have much flexible.

TIAN Qingjiu stresses to reporter that market launching ATENZA is little lower than price published now. Original Mazda 6 price locks among 120 thousands to 140 thousands CNY, which is “strikea segment with B-class.” Raptor locks between 150 thousand to 180 thousand CNY, which aims B-class segment. ATENZA will be priced between 180 thousand to 240 thousand CNY, which focuses on middle high-end segment. At present, FAW- Mazda covers every B-class segment.

Compared with Japanese B-class segment, such as prices of Camry, Accord and new Teana start from 170 thousands. Meanwhile, Mondeo, which aims middle high-end sport car segment, XENON HEADLIGHTS will be priced from 176.8 thousand CNY.

A dealer of FAW- Mazda tells media customer now consult normally around Japanese B-class cars and new Mondeo. ATENZA has 2 versions, 2.0 L and 2.5 L configurations. The price of Mondeo reduces the price because of its 1.4T engine.

“Original Mazda 6 sales keep around 6 thousands to 7 thousands, and Raptor remains around 1.5 thousands to 2 thousands. HID XENON KITS ATENZA is expected to more than 5 thousands sales per month. It will contribute about 15 thousands sales into B-class segment.”A dealer says so.

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