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SAIC Senior Management Adjustment: CHEN Zhixin Takes President, HU Maoyuan May Retires

On 20 April media day of Beijing Auto Exhibition, HU Maoyuan, president of SAIC Group holds his position for local automobile brands. It is maybe the last time for him to take this kind of activity with president identification. He leaves Secretary of Party at the end of last year.XENON HID KITS  The successor is CHEN Hong, who is the president and vice chairman of SAIC Group. If no accident happens, HU Maoyuan will retired this year, and leave automobile industry.

Somebody leave, somebody come. On 28 April, Ministry of Organization of Shanghai Government announces a list of officer appointment. CHEN Zhixin takes president of SAIC Group. It confirms the message that “CHEN Zhixin replaces CHEN Hong, and CHEN Hong replaces HU Maoyuan.”

Similar with HU Maoyuan, CHEN Zhixin starts from a normal technical position of SAIC. He takes executive vice president of SAIC, which is the top 500 companiesaround the world, and former general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen by his hard working. Now, he is leading SAIC passenger car for own brand business development.

There are 3 points need to highlight. In year 2004,XENON HEADLIGHTS  CHEN Zhixin takes over Shanghai Volkswagen when the company is downturn. He turns over Shanghai Volkswagen market performance by a series reformation. Besides, he extra achieves requirement of director of board in year 2006 and 2007.

In year 2007, CHEN Zhixin takes executive vice president of SAIC and chairman and general manger of Nanjing Automobile. He leads “SAIC-Nanjing Cooperation”. As we known, “SAIC-Nanjing Cooperation” is the largest capital involved merging case of automobile industry in China. CHEN Zhixin achieves the project with a series of integration.

At the beginning of year 2009, XENON BULBS SAIC its own brand has achieved 230 thousands sales from 0 within 6 and half years after CHEN Zhixin takes over general manger position of SAIC passenger car company.

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