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Sales Decrease, But Market Share Still Listed on Top, Who Can Beat VW

In Chinese market, there is a saying goes “Myth of VW”. Worshiper believers that VW wins its sales and position by its power, but some people believe VW is been canonized. Its products are not as glory as we think. In year 2013, VW beats GM with slight advantage, which is listed on the top among all automobile companies. However, both VW and GM are exceeded by TOYOTA in the first quarter this year. Obviously, canonized VW is not hat unchallengeable. However, market share of VW still exceeds 10%, which is the only automobile company. Beijing Auto Exhibition this year is ended. Who is able to take market share from VW, and pull it down of altar?

As it known around global, TOYOTA still takes top position in the first quarter. VW and GM are ranked secondly. TOYOTA has sold as many as 2.58 million cars around the world. VW and GM have sold 180 thousand less. However the story in China is conversed. The top one is GM, second is VW, but the third sales is Hyundai- KIA.

Don’t forget VW Group has published its “strategy for year 2018”, which makes other companies stressed out. Its goal for strategy of year 2018 is to be number one around the world. VW confidence comes from Chinese market. In year 2013, VW (includes Audi) has taken 17.6% market share of Chinese market, which is also the only brand exceeding 10% market share. The second one is GM, Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac 9% market share taken. The third one is KIA, who takes 6.3%. TOYOTA is ranked fourth, which takes 6% market share.

When its opponents are doing research of turbo charger and Double Clutch Transmission, VW has initialed its new journey which is leaded by hybrid plug-in new energy car strategy based on its successpowertrain. Nobody likes VW layouts so large product lines in China, and leading its opponents, introducing products in advance and makes it localization. VW has invested into China with kind of stubborn when others hesitated. Now, VW calls China as the second hometown with proud. No automobile company is able to so express.

Senior management of VW says “every single car mode of VW will be No. 1 of their segment.”As it known, A-class cars of VW include Jetta and Santana. B-class includes Magotan and Passat. High-end B-class includes Audi A4L; C-class includes A6L; SUV includes Tiguan and Q3 etc. As for luxury segment, all the top sales Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti belong to VW. Therefore, except MPV, VW indeed has realized the goal already.

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