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Top Management of Chinese Part in DPAC Relocated, Management Change Coming with Windy

Atmosphere of the wind over flat. A wide and deep human resource adjustment coming since top management is coming and sweeping over DPCA.

As reporter known, with the merging between Dongfeng against PSA. HID XENON KITS The role of DPAC becomes the manufacture and sales center of PSA Asia Pacific Business Unit from just a joint venture of Chinese. Meanwhile, to meet the new position, DPAC will welcome its tensive human resource change.

“People say it will come out around July.” an insider of Dongfeng tells reporter. The human resource adjustment is the extend after Dongfeng merging PSA. However, the deep insider management change of DPAC also out of expectation of the company insider.

As for human resource management, QIU Xiandong, general manger of DPAC, will assume office in head company. LV Haitao, general manager of Dongfeng- Citroen is expected to replace WEI Wenqing to in charge of commercial units of Dongfeng- Citroen and Dongfeng- Peugeot. WEI Wenqing will still stay in DPAC,XENON BULBS  but position will change.

“One small change connected to the wide other parts.” Many senior management leave their position. If DPAC selects successor insider, which will cause more position available. The above staff forecasts the human resource adjustment will be the large and deep degree adjustment of middle upward management of DPAC, Dongfeng- Citroen etc.

According to relative agreement of Dongfeng- PSA merging, DPAC will totally integrate imported automobile business of Asian Pacific market of PSA. As the first step of integration, DPAC will gain the exclusive authorize of PSA imported automobile sales in Chinese market and export business to Asian Pacific area. The human resource adjustment of DPAC aims to change sales department for Chinese market before to international marketing institution for China and Asian Pacific market which includes ASEAN.

Insider of Dongfeng says, the brand business unit of Dongfeng- Citroen and Dongfeng- Peugeot will remain. But both of them will be integrated as a new sales company. LV Haitao, general manger of Dongfeng- Peugeot is expected to take the position in charge of the 2 sales business units of Dongfeng- Citroen and Dongfeng- Peugeot. XENON HEADLIGHTS After the integration, DPAC will be divided into 2 legal person of manufacture and sales because that Dongfeng- Citroen and Dongfeng- Peugeot belong to 2 different departments of DPAC.

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