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WAN Gang: Electronic Car Manufacture Standard Shall Launch Within 2 Years

On May5, China Electronic Car Hundreds People Conferences and seminar of year 2014 are held in THU.XENON HID KITS  As it known, the conference is held for main projects research of electronic automobile segment. Which is different from other conference or seminar, the conclusion of the conference will be considered by government for policy making.

“The purpose of new energy and energy saving will not change; the tendency driven by electronic automobile will not change; development goal will not change; government support policy will not change.” WANG Gang, director of Ministry of Science says the standard for electronic car satisfy the requirement now. XENON HEADLIGHTS However, there are another more than 100 design and manufacture requirement shall launch industry in the next 1 to 2 years.

MIAO Xu, director of MIIT take Google and Tesla for examples to stress that technology and business mode creation is important for electronic automobile industry. He says “automobile industry, includes new energy automobile development shall pay high attention on integration of automobile industry and internet communication technology. Meanwhile, it shall pay more attention on business mode creation. XENON BULBS It is able to break charging station building by creation, and push electronic automobile industry move forwards.”

Besides, staff of Ministry of Transportation says, it is important to develop green trip in the future. China publishes its energy saving plan for the 12th Five Year Plan. The country encourageshybrid power and pure electronic energy etc. green energy application onto bus or taxi area.

According to statistics, hundred people conference aims development of electronic car. It shall break the firewall among different industries, areas, ownerships and departments, and to build a platform for inter-communication, research and synergycreation forum. It take itself as a non-government institution and the 3rd think tank out of national owned for Chinese electronic automobile research among different majors, industries, departments and ownerships.

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